Double Secret Probation, Guilt by Association, and no Men’s Center

October 3, 2013

Double Secret Probation, Guilt by Association, and no Men’s Center

October 3, 2013

By christhompson

Dr. Matt Caires became the Dean of Students at Montana State University in 2011, proclaiming to be different than “suits” like Dean Wormer of Animal House notoriety, stating “Double secret probation” is not his style. That same year, when I was completing my undergraduate degree, I met with Dr. Caires to discuss a situation involving a woman who falsely reported a sexual assault on campus.

Both of us agreed that awareness programs are essential in helping reduce incidents of sexual assault. Dr. Caires was especially interested in stopping sexual assaults in fraternities.  He thought there was rape crisis developing at the University of Montana.

However, there is no “rape crisis” at MSU or any other university.  A crisis implies an epidemic. Such an implication is not supported by anythingmen's center other than feminized ideological drivel. But there is a crisis in education, a crisis of disrespecting, demeaning, and damaging men.

I again met with Dr. Caires to discuss the creation of a university funded Men’s Center similar to the Women’s Center, this meeting was not productive. Dr. Caires invited others to the meeting; others who shared his feminized views of the world and I left knowing a Men’s Center did not fit into their agenda for the university.  I left feeling disrespected, demeaned, damaged and determined to right these wrongs.

For that and numerous other reasons I, my wife Nevada, in association with the National Coalition For Men set out to establish what would become the first officially recognized men’s rights (“issues” if you prefer) student organization on a university campus. NCFM-MSU gained such recognition last year and has been approved again this school year.

Earlier the Federal Department of Education issued a directive demanding that all colleges and universities adopt much more lenient definitions of sexual assault, the new definitions are ridiculously broad and vague. Asking someone out for a date, if misconstrued, can be considered sexual assault. Worse perhaps, the directive eradicated due process in favor of kangaroo type review panels comprised of university staffers ill suited to make judgments normally reserved for professional police, prosecutors, and judges.

Myself and others began asking about the new directive and resulting changes to MSU Sexual Assault Policies. Dr. Caires defended the changes, denied they were draconian, and told us there was nothing to worry about.

The following year, just last month, in September 2013, two women, in separate incidents and different frat houses, claimed they were sexually assaulted.  Based only on the accusations, Dr. Caires temporarily suspended both frat houses, thereby maligning, disrespecting, demeaning and damaging dozens of innocent students.

To be clear, absent any proof the assaults were committed; before charges were filed or a fair hearing took place, Dr. Caires condemned dozens of male students for nothing more than being loosely associated with the accused because all of them lived in  frat houses where the alleged incidents may have occurred.

Because of such callous disregard for men, NCFM’s College Campus Chapter Initiative is taking root in other campuses. NCFM, other organizations, and I are working with others around the country to start men’s discussion groups at their respective campuses.

It is no longer acceptable to ignore the needs of men. It is no longer acceptable to use men as scapegoats for all the ills of the world. It is time for us to take back our educational systems and demand that all students be treated with respect, not be demeaned for being male, nor damaged by ideology that holds all men as bad and all women as good.

Aside from the need for male centered discussion groups and mens centers, school curriculums’ need major revision as well. Fortunately, there is a New Male Studies, a gender revisionist curriculum offered from Australia as an online program through which a professional certificate is available.

Sadly, fearing retaliation, many students are afraid to speak-out, but they are beginning to reach  tipping point. Loud voices are being heard. Misandric injustices on college campuses are not likely to end soon but things are changing for the better; so, in the interim, toga anyone?

If after reading this you decide to speak out against these injustices, please contact me or NCFM. We’ll get you headed in the right direction… In the meantime, you can become an NCFM member at

 men's center

 MSU needs a men’s center.

All large colleges and universities need a men’s center.

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