More injustice heaped on our college campuses, allegations of sexual assault sufficient to brand more innocent young men

October 1, 2013

sexual assaultBozeman Daily Chronicle Editorial: MSU’s response to sexual assault allegations just and necessary

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The allegations of rape at two Montana State University fraternities recently are very disturbing. But the response from MSU officials has been appropriate – in terms of both action and urgency.

MSU Dean of Students Matt Caires immediately suspended the two fraternities in question and banned them from partying and tailgating. And he established a regular Monday morning meeting with all fraternity presidents to discuss events of the previous weekend

Caires has been criticized for punishing the entire memberships of the two fraternities for the bad behavior of few members. But the severity of the allegations justified his actions, and he is to be commended for acting swiftly and decisively.

Just days after two female students reported they were assaulted at fraternity houses, Caires attended an annual Interfraternity Council meeting and delivered a stern message of absolute intolerance for alcohol abuse and the behavior that stems from it.

And at the MSU Voice Center, an advocacy group for victims, a renewed push is on to educate students that they need to moderate their behavior and watch out for each other. That may turn out to be the most effective strategy of all.

As fervent as MSU administrators may be about eliminating the rape threat from its student body, they cannot monitor the behavior of 15,000-plus students 24/7. The truth is that rape is a troublingly frequent occurrence at U.S. colleges and universities. And the only thing that will stem that tide is change in campus culture – one that espouses zero tolerance for sexual assault.

And part of the change must include a willingness on the part of students to assume responsibility for enforcing that zero tolerance. Rape prevention activists have long urged potential victims to moderate their intake of alcohol and to consume nothing that has been out of their control. But, in addition to looking out for themselves, students have to start looking out for each other.

When someone appears to be intoxicated, others have to step in and get that person to safety. And when someone is attempting to take advantage of a potential victim, others need to step in and stop it.

A widespread attitude change on the part of all students is the best way to eliminate the threat of rape at all colleges and universities.

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NCFM-MSU posted at 9:32 am on Mon, Sep 30, 2013.

NCFM-MSU Posts: 16 Caires has his degree in Mens Studies, or feminists defining what it is to be a man, and told me personally his first week as Dean of Students that he opposed fraternities. It appears our “unbiased” media shares his views on directing men and eliminating fraternities to prohibit them from opposing their directives…

national coalition for men

There is no crueler tyranny than that which is

perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.

Charles de Montesquieu

In the absence of any shield of law, arbitrary vigilantism against those guilty of nothing more than incidental association, corrupts completely any concept of justice, even when related to sexual assault.

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